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Customer experience (CX) isn’t just a buzzword it’s a strategic imperative. Successful companies recognize that CX drives customer loyalty, brand equity, and sustainable growth. Yet, despite this awareness, many organizations struggle to embrace an enterprise wide CX focus.

During this virtual session hosted by the South Australia chapter, our guest speaker Isabella Villani will guide us through embracing an enterprise-wide CX transformation.

Isabella will provide expert insights and advice on:

  • CX ecosystem
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • CX culture

As change managers its important to articulate how any changes being implemented will impact our customers, this session will help everyone of us no matter where we are on the customer experience journey.

Click here to register.


The idea of leading and facilitating change across a large global enterprise can seem daunting. But it can also be an opportunity to positively impact many people.

Join the USA chapter and guest speaker Laird McLean for this fantastic opportunity to participate in a discussion led by Laird who will address:

  • Critical success factors for effecting change at scale in organizations; …
  • The consideration that needs to be given to organizational and national culture, generational differences, and technological trends when leading change at scale.
  • How change practitioners can multiply their impact when supporting leaders in enterprise-wide change.


We will use a highly-interactive, progressive case study with reflection questions to explore through application and idea exchange how we might increase the positive impact we, as change practitioners, have on organizations.

Come ready to explore and collaborate with your fellow change practitioners.

Click here to register.


Global Voices: Why work just doesn’t work. 

Have you ever thought things at work shouldn’t be as hard as they are? James Healy, Global Lead of Deloitte’s Behaviour First offering has come to conclusion that in today’s world, our modern construct of work just doesn’t work.

For this next Global Voices, we start to unpack how today’s work structure has been built on a classical economic ideal of what…

a human is rather than an accurate reflection of how humans operate.

We will explore how this impacts our satisfaction in work and deep dive on specific topics such as compliance, well-being, leadership development, change management, learning and the basic structure of work including meetings.

Click here to register.

Exciting News

Change Portfolio Management Foundation Training Course

Our new transformational Change Portfolio Management (CPM) training course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to apply CPM principles and techniques to drive successful change execution.

The course will introduce you to foundational concepts of CPM through discussions, interviews with experts, self-reflection, and group activities. The training is delivered over 4 consecutive half-days.

Great news: you can bundle purchasing the CPM Foundation Training Course and the CPM Advanced Training Course – just click on the register buttons to proceed.

Download PDF HERE

10 - 13 Sept

16 - 19 Sept

18 - 21 Nov

9 - 12 Dec


Helped me to understand how to drive some of the harder conversations with decision making audiences, as well as giving that helicopter view needed to support those conversations vs getting too stuck in the detail of individual initiatives.

— CPM Foundation Training Course participant

Very relevant content and I think it’s highly applicable too. I’m glad I’m investing myself to do this course now 🙂

— CPM Foundation Training Course participant

Have already set up a meeting for my project director about how we manage change across a branch. Plus have shared the risks – they are gold! I will be adding to my LinkedIn and CV tonight!

— CPM Foundation Training Course participant

Change Portfolio Management Advanced Training Course


This course assumes prior knowledge regarding change management concepts and change/project delivery language. Participants must:

  • Hold a change leadership or portfolio management position within an organisation, or at a minimum have prior experience at a Senior Change Manager/ Change Lead level; AND
  • Have completed the Change Portfolio Management Foundation course

20 - 29 August

15 - 24 October

Scaling your CPM practice to an organisational level


I feel like I have the tools, theory and practical examples to take our CPM approach from infancy to adulthood (or at least teenager!) and be able to demonstrate the benefits of doing so to leadership and program delivery colleagues.

— CPM Advanced Training Course participant

I particularly enjoyed the section on storytelling and creating that change narrative for the portfolio to inspire and refocus people.

— CPM Advanced Training Course participant

The small group setting for this course was very helpful in enriching the discussion and building connections.

— CPM Advanced Training Course participant


Change Leadership must have Executive Partnering for successful Change Management projects
Lean Change is a feedback-driven approach, exploring with actions, and diagnostics for ensuring on the right path, adjusting if needed
Change Portfolio Management (CPM) is a crucial approach for organisations to manage multiple change initiatives effectively.
Communicating change effectively, and with purpose, delves into the intricacies of purpose-driven communication within the realm of Change Management.
This initiative in people-led-digitalisation, focusing on integrating people-centred approaches in digital manufacturing, is set to be transformative, backed by a substantial budget of £5 million and spanning until February 2025.
Change Management Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Karla Micallef as our new President and Chair.
Change Management Institute has been awarded the highly regarded ‘Small Association of the Year™ 2023’ award by the Associations Forum.
Dive Deep into ‘The Change Mindset’ with Cyriel Kortleven 🌟 Change can often feel daunting, but what if we could shift our perspective? Cyriel Kortleven, this webinar captures this beautifully: “Don’t mind the change, change your mind.” True transformation sprouts from within.
📢 Unlock the Art of Networking Even When Small Talk Isn’t Your Forte 🤝 Are you apprehensive about networking? Does the thought of small talk make you break into a cold sweat? We have just the solution for you! 🌟
Getting a change management position interview requires a blend of preparation, from mastering the basics to preparing for scenario-based and specialised change management questions
Explore the intricacies of how our perspective is formed, and how understanding change and perspective can greatly benefit change managers and anyone navigating the waters of change.
Climate change is more than an environmental issue; it’s a change management challenge …
Change Portfolio Management Training will elevate your expertise and expand your horizons ….
The need for short, sharp and impactful delivery methods for change is essential
A Good Change Leader makes a positive difference. We enable you to be your best self – see how …
Are you trying to break into change management? We interviewed two recruitment experts that specialise in change and came up with a ten-point action plan, just for you!
The events of the past few years make it seem quick and sudden, yet so many forces have been conspiring, shifting our ways of work forward and into the next generation of what many of us are seeking as meaningful work.
The Change Management Institute Member Hub App is your place to go for all things change. Enabling your future has never been easier – it’s in the palm of your hand!
APMG conducted a survey of learners who had taken a Change Management Foundation exam. 98% of respondents said the training made them a better Change Manager
The new Member Hub by the Change Management Institute, is a key pillar of their future-thinking strategy to provide an even better and more personalised member experience.
It’s no secret that highly engaged employees improve company performance, but they can also make your transition to change quicker and more effective.
The Change Management Institute continues to be a widely recognised voice for change managers globally.
Once country borders relax and you can fly to your favourite holiday destination, imagine how you…
In any change initiative, you will have engaged with people who are naturally enthusiastic and ready…


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