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Change is everywhere and an everyday part of life. At the Change Management Institute, we are a vehicle of change; we are the voice of change management and we are your voice in our profession. We help you excel and stay at the top of your game, constantly learning and adapting as the profession itself evolves.

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1st Change Management Association to develop standards in the Competency Models  to create Accreditation of those standards to create a Body of Knowledge reference book 


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Join the UK chapter and our guest speaker Annette Andresenof Marlowe Consulting to explore, discuss and listen to real life examples on how to apply the right change tools in different situations.

Do we need a different approach if the programme is taking an agile or waterfall approach, if it’s a local small change or a global enterprise wide change?  Through conversation we’ll explore how you identify the variables that need to be considered, and how to select the right tools based on those variables.  

During the session we will consider change leadership – does leadership need to change for different types of change delivery?  What behaviours are expected from leaders when leading a transformation and how does leadership need to adapt in different situations? In smaller groups we will discuss how change managers can help leaders to succeed.



In this session hosted by the New Zealand chapter we will unpack what change impact assessments can contribute to the initiative and how to optimise the use of this information.

In celebration of the recent release of the 2nd edition of the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK™), we are hosting a monthly workshop series to collectively discuss each chapter and bring it to life with practical examples and tips and tricks.

Hosted and facilitated by our chapter committee members Leah McKerrow, Jay Curtis, Neville Henderson and Penny Newbiggan this event will have lots of variety, including: 

  • A case study 
  • Scenarios and practical application 



In today’s VUCA world, our success in leading change depends upon our ability to effectively address the human aspects of change. A powerful resource that assists in realizing success is the “Science of Hope”. 

During this interactive session hosted by the USA chapter, our guest speaker Christopher Freeze will discuss the three tenets of Hope and how we can reclaim it in our organizations by using a practical framework that will be introduced during our time together. 

Our time will be a highly collaborative experience where you’ll get the chance to meet and interact with peers.

Highly engaged employees improve company performance and also make your transition to change quicker.

Highly engaged employees improve company performance and also make your transition to change quicker.


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What does the Accreditation mean to me? Well I’m proud to be part of a distinguished group of change peers, but it also enables me to continue my professional development with more focus and confidence.
Michelle, Member
It was helpful to get some insights on the different models and analyses, that can be used in the change work I do. (CMBoK deep dive virtual event)
David, Member


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