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Change is everywhere and an everyday part of life. At the Change Management Institute, we are a vehicle of change; we are the voice of change management and we are your voice in our profession. We help you excel and stay at the top of your game, constantly learning and adapting as the profession itself evolves.

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BearingPoint consultants, Claire Grogan and Mark Garry will facilitate an interactive session on Persona Development.

This event will outline:

  • What are Personas?
  • Why use Personas?
  • How to develop a Persona?
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Personas

Come along and join the Ireland chapter for a packed hour of interactive information sharing which will include a Q&A at the end if you would like to find out more.

Case study – Personas in practice.

Competencies the event relates to: Facilitating Change, Thinking and Judgement, Commuicating Effectively

Times are

  • 1pm EDT
  • 6pm IST/BST



How can you use existing change data and process to improve change success?

Join the UK chapter for a virtual session where Serendata Insights will share case studies with us to share how organisations have used centralised and standardised change data to understand the scale and impact of change in their organisations.

We will explore how having an enterprise view of data can provide you with the insights to enable you to manage global change and reduce the impact of change fatigue, highlight the areas to focus through detailed heatmapping, and how this will allow a change manager be more proactive and deliver better change initiatives through technology.

Talwyn Whetter – Managing Director

Talwyn Whetter is the Managing Director of Serendata. She has over 15 years experience in the transformation sector working on global, national and local programmes across a wide range of sectors and companies.

Competencies the event relates to: Facilitating Change, Strategic Thinking 

Times are

  • 12pm EDT
  • 5pm BST

Join us for a conversation with author, consultant and Humu’s Content and Communications lead Elisabeth Fosslien, about how she has helped leaders and their teams to harness emotions effectively at work.

The Change Management Institute’s Global Voices series promotes and shares the latest research and thinking in international change management. Regardless of where you are based, you have access to the voices that shape the profession around the globe. The Global Voices series is available to our Members only.

Join us for a conversation with author, consultant and Humu’s Content and Communications lead Elisabeth Fosslien, about how she has helped leaders and their teams to harness emotions effectively at work.

Liz is the co-author and illustrator of Big Feelings and No Hard Feelings, which explores emotions at work and how they can help us succeed. Dispelling the myth that there’s no place for emotions at work. She has combined her passion for exploring this topic with creative and original illustrations that perfectly portray everyday work life.

After realising how unhappy she was at work, Liz set about to understand: Why shouldn’t we be able to show emotions at work? How do we talk about what we’re going through? The modern workplace can be an emotional minefield, filled with unwritten rules about how much of your personality to reveal.

Liz will talk with us about tapping into our emotions and how to become an emotionally fluent leader, sharing practical tips about improving our wellbeing, establishing better ways of working and improving our influence within our organisations.


Times are

  • 5pm EDT (17th)
  • 10pm BST (17th)
  • 8am AEDT
  • 10am NZDT



Viewing change and transition through a personal, team, leaders’ and organisational lens. What are some insights and tools that work? 

Something is broken in the way we run today’s organisations. Somehow everyone senses that how we run our organisations and manage change is stretching us to our limits.   

The great resignation, significant levels of burn out, economic pressure, global pandemics and disengagement higher than ever – we must think about our work and the transitions we’re experiencing in different ways.   

Join the Tasmania Chapter for this interview style conversation to explore transition from a personal, team, leaders’ and organisational perspective. 

Hear from Nic Stephen – a leadership coach, facilitator, cultural strategist, senior executive, chairman and stroke survivor – and learn from his insights and tools. Nic will be interviewed by Louisa Vanderkruk, Tasmania Chapter Lead.

Join us for this session to benefit from:

  • A change maker’s real-world insights
  • Tools and mental models you can start using straight away 



In today’s VUCA world, our success in leading change depends upon our ability to effectively address the human aspects of change. A powerful resource that assists in realizing success is the “Science of Hope”. 

During this interactive session hosted by the USA chapter, our guest speaker Christopher Freeze will discuss the three tenets of Hope and how we can reclaim it in our organizations by using a practical framework that will be introduced during our time together. 

Our time will be a highly collaborative experience where you’ll get the chance to meet and interact with peers.



Join Andrew Butow, CEO of Earth2Mars for this session to gain numerous insights about NextGen Change and Human-Centred Design.

Topic covered include:

  • Macro and micro-forces shifting the need to do change differently
  • How to turn the traditional model of change on its head and demystify any illusions about Human-Centred Design for change
  • Real-life examples and results of applying this on clients
  • The power of collaborative digital technology to make change fun, engaging and effective
  • Tips and methods to master the art of facilitating and leading conversations
  • What you can do to become the next generation of change managers
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Thank you so so so much – this was extraordinary! (Andrew Butow, Earth2Mars virtual event)
Joss, Member, Qld
Love the new site! It’s very professional, it’s dynamic and interesting, and it’s a measure of pride in our Institute for all our members and volunteers. Great work to the team!
Cindy, Canada


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