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You are competent at what you do and you want to make a real impact in the organisations you work with and in the change management field. We can help you get accredited and get recognition for your level of experience. You’ll continue to build a career path and establish a strong international network so that you feel supported and inspired.


  • As an established change professional, you’ll be able to commence specialisation with our deep dives into particular topics and access to the latest thought leadership on specific topics and evidence-based case studies.


  • We understand that to help you make the difference you would like, you need the accreditation, independent standards, and evidence-based research behind you. Our mid-level specialist accreditation program, models, and the CMBoK, will help you form the evidence-based platform to take your organisation and your practice to the next stage in its journey.


  • A supportive network of colleagues matters. Especially one filled with change professionals facing the same challenges you are. We can help you feel supported on your career journey, share learnings and an active professional network full of opportunities for connection and growth.

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CMBoK Reference Book

 The Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK)

“The Effective Change Manager”

As organisations adapt to the new paradigm of compounding and evolving change, so too has the change industry’s leading resource for change professionals, the CMBoK™. The latest edition of CMBoK builds essential capabilities and provides new models and frameworks that help you excel and lead in this dynamic and challenging time.

Buy your copy of the latest CMBoKEffective Change Manager’ reference book.

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