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The benefits of volunteering with the Change Management Institute are huge

Make social connections, learn new skills, have fresh experiences, and get so much satisfaction.

Our volunteers are passionate about the profession and facilitate our community to connect for change.

Gilbert Volunteer at Change Management Institute

Gilbert Kruidenier

"Volunteering for the Change Management Institute opens doors to opportunities, businesses and experts who are excited to help build a strong and engaged community of change professionals. Feeling connected with other volunteers in Australia and the world who are all working to create a place where change professionals can learn and be together is just the best!"

Rachel volunteer at the Change Management Institute

Rachel Jayawickreme

"The Change Management Institute has been alongside my career in change management since the beginning. With access to the many resources and engaged global community, I have always felt supported. I am fortunate to volunteer, ideate and connect with such positive and knowledgeable people within the USA and globally."

Louisa Vanderkruk

“I am involved with the Change Management Institute because I genuinely receive more from the experience than the effort I put in. I value the lessons, friendships and experiences that volunteering brings."

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities to volunteer & contribute with the Change Management Institute

  • Local chapter committee members – participate in monthly meeting and activities such as organising events and webinars
  • Member Hub community forum ambassadors – around set topics, start conversations and moderate
  • Guest speaker or panellist – share your experience and expertise
  • Podcast host – interview peers in change
  • Guest writer – from how-tos and 101s to more technical overviews
  • Submit a white paper – have a hot topic, burning issue, philosophical musing?
  • Submit a case study – share your real-world experience with other change professionals
  • Blogger / Copywriter – apply your excellent research and communication skills by watching our most popular webinars and creating blogs
  • Animation script writer – help us create helpful tools for the change community

Digital Badges for our Member Volunteers

Volunteer & Contribute badge

This badge is a token of our appreciation for your commitment and hard work. 

Why this badge matters:

  • Recognition of your efforts: This badge is a symbol of the significant role you play as a volunteer.
  • Verified skills: It validates your volunteering skills and experiences, which can be viewed by your professional network.
  • Networking and visibility: Enhance your digital presence and connect with other like-minded professionals and volunteers.

Email us now to find out more about joining the Change Management Institute volunteer team.

[email protected]

We would love you to join us.

Lifetime Members

This membership type is awarded to those volunteers that have made a significant contribution to the Change Management Institute and the change management profession.

Please view and acknowledge our lifetime members.

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