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This membership type is awarded to those volunteers that have made a significant contribution to the Change Management Institute and the change management profession.

Awarded 2013

  • Caroline Perkins, Former Founder and President
    Caroline is a former President and co-founder of the Institute from Sydney, Australia. Caroline had the vision, foresight and leadership to create an active change community that had the potential to become international. Caroline provided outstanding leadership to the Institute for the first 10 years of its journey, gifted professional IP and thought leadership and facilitated several conferences in Australia. Caroline’s contribution created a firm and credible foundation to enable international growth as well as growth in Australia.
  • Christina Morgan-Meldrum, Former Founder and Board Member
    Christina is a former Board member and co-founder of the Institute from Sydney, Australia.  Christina was instrumental in bringing together our Corporate members in the early years and providing a forum for open dialogue and exploration of the change challenges they faced in a constructive and supportive environment.
  • Helen Campbell, Former Founder and Board Member
    Helen is a former Vice-President and co-founder of the Institute from Sydney, Australia. Helen brought passion and commitment to developing change practitioners through the design of the Institute’s Competency Models and Accreditation. Helen served on the Board for 7 years and led the development of the first CMBoK. She continued to support Accreditation for several years as a Lead Assessor, ensuring the Institute became a credible source of change practice skills recognition.

Awarded 2014

  • Elizabeth Short, Former Board Member
    Elizabeth is a former Board Member who gifted significant time and IP to several major projects of the Institute. This included a research project and change management recruitment practices across Australia and the UK and a detailed membership strategy that enabled us to recognise the range of member requirements.

Awarded 2016

  • Susan Rich, Former Australian Country Lead
    Susan is a former Australian Country Lead and Chapter volunteer. Susan was one of the early pioneers in setting up the Country Chapter concept and gifted significant time and energy in creating frameworks, templates and support processes that enable a volunteer network. Susan’s contribution enabled our presence in other countries to accelerate, having gifted foundations on which others could build.

Awarded 2021

  • Elizabeth Fahey
    Elizabeth is a former Country Co-Lead from New Zealand and a former Board member. Elizabeth was instrumental in the launch of an Institute presence in New Zealand being part of the inaugural working group. Elizabeth joined the Board as Director for membership and became the Vice-President where she invested significant time in developing improved governance to support the Board and ensuring we align our governance to the AICD NFP Principles as well as the changes in requirements of the Fair Trading Act NSW 2009. Elizabeth gifted her organisational design skills to assist in the design of the new sustainable business model for the next phase of the Institute.
  • Jane Judd
    Jane is a former Country Lead from New Zealand, former Board Member for Accreditation and President of the Institute for the past 6 years. Jane was instrumental in creating a New Zealand presence and has significantly influenced its success. While in the Accreditation role, Jane redesigned the approach to create the three levels we have today, gifting her intellectual property for the good of the profession. As well as leading the organisation as President, Jane has led the refresh of the CMBoK, personally led the Institute’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and taken care to build infrastructure that promotes good governance for members and can sustain the Institute going forward.
  • Kylie Michel
    Kylie has contributed many years of expertise and time to the Institute. Kylie has served on the Board twice, once as Director of Country Chapters and more recently as Vice-President. Kylie was instrumental in growing our global footprint by coaching and mentoring new country volunteer teams to facilitate local communities and leverage off the efforts and contributions of those who went before. Kylie has remained an enthusiastic supporter and has gifted her governance and marketing expertise freely to ensure our sustainability and growth.

We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers for the significant effort and contribution they each have made to the Change Management Institute. These volunteers have contributed to the Change Management Institute in a variety of senior leadership roles for over 5 years consistent duration.

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