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Join the Change Management Institute’s Czech Republic & Slovakia chapter volunteers to explore how to safeguard the financial benefits and value of transformation initiatives.

Many initiatives lose financial benefits throughout their lifecycle, from initial stages to post-implementation.

Our speaker, Jakub Vetrovec, will share valuable insights and practical tips to help change managers:

  • Identify potential pitfalls that erode value…
  • Implement strategies to mitigate losses.
  • Increase your chances of maximizing financial gains.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with fellow change management professionals, gain valuable takeaways from Jakub Vetrovec, and optimize your transformation efforts!

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The UK chapter invite you to join them for an engaging virtual event with guest speakers Tzuki Stewart and Pauline McNulty from Playfilled. Explore the change fitness core vitals – creativity, wellbeing and connectivity to help people thrive through the change marathon.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from others, contribute your own expertise in this vital field of change management, and takeaway practical insights.

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Helping organisations build their change muscle

Managing the ever increasing pace and volume doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Learn how Change Portfolio Management (CPM) can give you a structure and way of thinking to help shift ‘change fatigue’ to ‘change fitness’.

We invite you to join us for a webinar with our global thought leader on CPM and an experienced practitioner and consultant who is facing into this challenge armed with knowledge, guts and determination.

During this virtual session, Jenn Zuber, Change Portfolio Management Specialist is joined by Bernice Maldonado, Change Management & CPM consultant, who will discuss the benefits of managing change initiatives from a portfolio perspective; as well as what she is putting into practice with clients and her own organisation. You will learn what’s working and not working, practical tips and lessons to help you identify cumulative impacts and potential collisions of change, and how to proactively manage risk.

This event is perfect for change analysts, change managers, change leads, and anyone working in a Change Management, Project Management or Transformation Office. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand your skillset, grow your career opportunities, and learn from some of the best in the business.

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Change sponsorship is critical to change success and can be the difference between engagement and resistance.

  • But how do we as Change Practitioners become to the ‘go-to’ coach for Executives?
  • How do we position ourselves to influence senior leaders?
  • What do Executives value and how can we can equip ourselves to deliver what they need?

Join the NSW chapter during your lunch break for an insightful discussion with Executive Coach, Huw Thomas.

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In this member exclusive thought-provoking session hosted by the UK and USA chapters, we will look at the behavioural science that underpins Generative AI, its use of empathy and persuasion, and how we can use it change organisational behaviours.

Our guest speaker Edwina Pike will share expert case studies and examples from her own practice that are happening right now, as well looking to the future of how these are being normalised in…

… our field. Expect practical, tactical advice prompts and tactics that you can use today.


  • Why and how AI uses empathy and persuasive tactics.
  • What behavioural science tell us about the impact AI will have.
  • How AI is being used right now, and the impact it is having.
  • What an AI enabled change profession will look like in 5-10 year’s time and beyond.

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Remember the good ol’ days when we could lock ourselves in a room and create the perfect change plan? Me neither. In this session hosted by the Auckland chapter, with Jason Little we’re going to explore the 3 core practices of Lean Change that don’t require you to revolutionize how you approach change…unless of course that’s your goal.

We’ll explore how to move from a plan-driven to a feedback-driven approach and the 3 most popular Lean…

Change tools you can use no matter what change framework you’re using.

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