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In a large and complex transformation program Scottish Water’s People Experience team realised being able to bring data based visualisations for the leadership team was key to highlight hotspots of change, and to enable proactive prioritisation.

Come and listen to the Scottish Water Transformation People Experience team talk about how they built a decision making tool visualising the impact for their people across the business.

In a large and complex transformation program they realised being able to bring data based visualisations for the leadership team was key to highlight hotspots of change, and to enable proactive prioritisation.

Hear about the journey they embarked on to design, prototype, gather the data and build the tool, and what they learnt along the way.

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Join us for an inspiring session where Telstra, will share their remarkable transformation journey. Here’s what you can expect:

Insights and Learnings: Gain valuable insights from Telstra’s experiences as they reveal the challenges they faced, strategies they employed, and significant milestones they achieved during their transformation.

Agile Environment and New Ways of Working: Discover how Telstra successfully implemented change management in an agile environment and embraced new ways of working. Learn practical approaches to drive change and foster adaptability within your organization.

Investment in Change Management Capabilities: Explore how Telstra is investing in change management capabilities to support their strategic goals. Discover how to enhance your own change management practices and contribute to the success of your organisation’s transformation initiatives.

Attend this exclusive session and be inspired by Telstra’s extraordinary transformation journey.

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In celebration of the release of the 2nd edition of the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK™), we are hosting a monthly event series for members to discuss each chapter and bring it to life with practical examples and tips and tricks.

In this session hosted by the UK chapter we will venture into Chapter 13 – Organisational Context.

We will review the CMBoK content of this chapter and discuss the critical elements of awareness for professional Change Managers. Our focus will be on the relationship between the change manager and Human Resources, considering safety, health and wellbeing during change, financial management for change managers, lean methods and process optimisation and Agile Change and Human Centred Design principles.

Barbara Collins and Lyam Crosdale our UK chapter co-leads will facilitate the session which will be supported by accredited change managers and expert speakers. We will discuss real life experiences and share our own views in small breakout discussion groups.

Members at all levels tell us they have gained significant value from the insights and experiences shared in these CMBoK Chapter Deep Dive sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conversation!

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How do the concepts of neuroinclusion relate to the work we do as change managers? Why is this important to how we engage with our audiences?

Join the Tasmania chapter for this virtual event where our guest speaker Natalie Phillips-Mason, Founder of Inclusive Change invites you to engage with a discussion on what we can learn from neuroinclusive practices.

During this session you will discover:

  • The principles of neuroinclusion
  • How these principles apply to change management and related fields
  • Practical tips that can be applied to change programs
  • Open Q&A

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Struggling with virtual facilitation and co-design in your hybrid workplace? Want to wield MS Teams like a pro and manage change effectively in an increasingly digital landscape?

If yes, this in-depth session on mastering MS Teams and virtual facilitation and co-design is a must-attend event for you.

In this dynamic session, Cindy Foster – Virtual Training Quality Manager at Insync Training – will guide you through the intricacies of virtual meetings and workshops. Learn how to utilize virtual toolkits for effective collaboration, conquer the complexities of hybrid work settings, and adapt your change management strategies for the digital landscape.

This event is ideal for change managers, team leads, project managers, and anyone engaged in a Change Management or Transformation Office. It’s a golden chance to enhance your digital proficiency, expand your career opportunities, and learn from a veteran in virtual training.

Get set for an enriching dive into Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK™) Chapter 8 — a session packed with insights and practical tips. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your digital change management skills.

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Join us for this Change Learning Circle to hear experienced change practitioners from our global network share their insights on the topic of digitisation of our practice.

  • What are digital and social tools and tactics that enable change management; and
  • What are the impacts of Organisational Digital Transformation on Change Management?

The Change Learning Circle is a member only series centred on current thinking about critical topics in Change Management.

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