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Facilitation and Co-Design

Start 2023 off with a splash with this members only deep dive into Chapter 8 of the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK™) – Facilitation and Co-design. Discover different approaches for facilitating groups through a design and change process in virtual and hybrid environments.

Effective change managers need to be effective facilitators, and with the introduction of more virtual workplaces and events, it’s even more important for change managers to understand how to facilitate in a virtual environment, while still employing the principles of in-person facilitation.

Perspectives on different approaches include:

  • Virtual meeting and workshops
  • Virtual tools
  • Hybrid working environments

This workshop will be hosted by the Canada chapter in partnership with our global change management colleagues.

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Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a pandemic, feeling calm and totally in control of the situation, where the outcome seems clear and where what you always did is still reliable. Sound unlikely? That’s because it is! In unprecedented circumstances like the pandemic, there are lots of unknowns and the majority of people would not have felt comfortable over the past 18 months.

There are many reasons for that: our emotions would have been high and they drive all that we do, context is key, creating our meaning and experiences, uncertainty is stressful for us, the demand on our poor brains, the natural biases we all have…the list goes on.

How can we genuinely assess the nature of a change and facilitate it’s successful outcome if we don’t understand the environment it exists in, or how humans typically respond to them? It comes down to the dynamic situation we are in, which we can breakdown as linear or non-linear: Linear: things unfold with a degree of certainty Non-linear: who knows how they’ll unfold?! These situations require us to adapt how we approach our change work. Are things obvious, are we facing seemingly complex situations or is it just chaos? As well as influencing how we approach change, these situations determine which brain-friendly states are most useful for us.

Join Mick Brian, Head of Community and Will Izzard, Head of Business Change, CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd as they marry ideas from neuroscience with complexity science, learning how to create the most useful brain-happy states to match the level of complexity you find yourself in and be more successful in your change outcomes.

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In celebration of the release of the 2nd edition of the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK™), we are hosting a monthly event series for members to discuss each chapter and bring it to life with practical examples and tips and tricks.

In this session we will explore Knowledge Area 11 – Continuous Planning.

Join us to discuss the pursuit of Continuous Planning including:

  • Change governance structures
  • Establishing a project
  • Change planning and scheduling
  • Executing change within a project environment
  • Transition on project completion

This workshop will be hosted by the Australia chapter in partnership with our global change management colleagues.

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