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As we traverse the period of greatest change in history,  generative AI has the potential to significantly impact change management and leadership. But the challenge isn’t a technology one, it’s a human one.

Join the Auckland chapter and our guest speaker, Paul Stewart Co-founder of Leadrly  who will explore the impact of generative AI on change management and, in particular, enabling leaders to better adopt and embed change.

Paul will share perspectives on how leaders can:

  • Improve adoption of change practices and benefit realisation
  • Strengthen team culture and performance
  • Harness AI to drive effective and scalable change


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As a key aspect of managing change effectively, a change impact assessment will shape the nature of how we support those affected. This is an interactive virtual session.

Join the UK chapter and Chris Derrick from Capgemini as we explore the purpose and practical use of change impact assessments. The event will include a presentation and smaller group sessions to allow for networking and sharing of experiences across our community.

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We invite you to join our member-exclusive event with Steffi Jackson, CEO and Karla Micallef, President of the Institute to shape the future of our change community.

As a by-member-for-member community, this is your opportunity to share your energy and ideas and influence our future in an intimate setting. We are committed to listening to our members and understanding what will better support the growth of our change profession.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, new to change or leading change in an organisation, we want to hear from you.

This interactive session will feed directly into the Institute’s strategic planning process for FY25.

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Change professionals generally focus on developing their change management skills, so tend to look at implementation challenges through a ‘change’ lens. There are real benefits in stepping back from a single piece of the puzzle to see the whole jigsaw from a strategic perspective and develop our strategy skills.

Join Change Management Institute volunteer Louisa Vanderkruk in conversation with our guest Lisa Carlin from FutureBuilders Group in an interactive virtual session on Seeing the Whole Jigsaw.

Lisa will provide a strategic framework for transformation that enables change professionals to apply a multidisciplinary lens to change.  This includes a strategic and commercial business perspective, a project governance perspective and an understanding of the role that the current organizational culture plays.

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Many portfolios aspire to be benefits-led and there is a lot of theory setting out how to achieve this. The reality is that putting the theory into practice is really complex, energy-sapping and typically faces a lot of resistance.

Our guest speakers, Steve Blades and Iain Steele will walk us through a case study and help you overcome these challenges, you will get an overview of benefits management methodology and how we are successfully applying it across our change portfolio.

This session hosted by the UK chapter, will cover

  • Working definitions and a summary of the fundamental principles needed to ensure successful realisation of benefits;
  • Walkthrough of the benefits management lifecycle and how it has been aligned with change management practice and existing programme and project governance frameworks at NATS;
  • Detailed look at the approach to benefits identification (the first stage in the benefits management lifecycle); and
  • Can we create a top-down benefits culture? How to drive more benefits-led behaviours into your organisation and what to avoid.


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This year we are trying something NEW and launching a Member-Exclusive Book Club hosted by the NSW chapter, a quarterly virtual session to engage in interactive discussions on inspiring and thought provoking books about Change practice and context.

These events provide a chance for us to delve into the books of new thought leaders to challenge our thinking, share our experiences and build confidence in applying our learning at work context.

In our inaugural Book Club, join our Guest Host Gilbert Kruidenier and Author Jason Little for a thought provoking discussion on Jason’s new book ‘From Skeptic to Strategist – Embracing AI in Change Management’.

You can grab a physical or digital copy of the book ahead of Book Club here.

All members are welcome!

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