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Lean Change is an innovative approach to managing organizational change that embraces the complexity and dynamism of the current business environment.

Unlike classic change management models that treat change as a predictable, step-by-step process, Lean Change is action-biased and feedback-driven. It prioritizes continuous learning and adaptation based on real-time feedback from all levels of the organization. This approach helps change…

agents to implement strategies that are truly reflective of current conditions rather than merely theoretical ideal states.

At this virtual session hosted by the UK chapter our guest speaker Justin Balaski Founder and Principal Consultant of Idealeap will show how lean change streamlines change efforts, improves the agility of the organization and also increases engagement among stakeholders who see their input having a direct impact on outcomes. Lean Change empowers organizations to move away from rigid plans and towards more adaptive, iterative strategies that can respond swiftly to new information and changing circumstances.

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Join the NSW chapter and our guest speaker Gavin Wedell from ChangePlan to discuss the challenges in executing and administering change at project and portfolio level.

Gavin will share case studies on how ChangePlan has been implemented in organisations to drive efficiency, consistency and greater Executive engagement through portfolio change reporting.

There will be the opportunity to connect…

with a range of change practitioners and leaders, expand your network, and share and learn more about the work we all do or aspire to in the future.

Please register for catering and event space booking numbers. Numbers are strictly limited, please only register if you are able to attend on the 18th June. 

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Join the Change Management Institute’s Czech Republic & Slovakia chapter volunteers to explore how to safeguard the financial benefits and value of transformation initiatives.

Many initiatives lose financial benefits throughout their lifecycle, from initial stages to post-implementation.
Our speaker, Jakub Vetrovec, will share valuable insights and practical tips to help change managers…


  • Identify potential pitfalls that erode value;
  • Implement strategies to mitigate losses; and
  • Increase your chances of maximizing financial gains.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with fellow change management professionals, gain valuable takeaways, and optimize your transformation efforts!

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As a Change professional leveraging digital technologies can profoundly enhance your capabilities. This interactive virtual session hosted by the USA chapter focuses on using Microsoft Viva Insights data through a human-centric approach to change management.

Our guest speaker Michelle Yanahan Principal and Owner of ChangeFit 360 will share:

Insight into Microsoft Viva Insights: Learn about its capabilities…

… including how it measures employee connectedness, gauges meeting effectiveness, and identifies potential for employee burnout.

Application of Data in Change Management: Discover how change professionals can use this data to drive change efforts and highlight needs for broader organizational effectiveness initiatives.

Supporting Organizational Effectiveness: Understand how Microsoft Viva Insights can support and enhance organizational effectiveness through targeted data application.

By the end of this session, participants will:

1. Understand the functionalities and value of Microsoft Viva Insights.

2. Explain how Microsoft Viva Insights data can enhance specific change management efforts.

3. Describe how the tool can support broader organizational effectiveness.

4. Receive a job aid to reinforce and apply the learning from the session.

Don’t miss this insightful event.

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Join the Tasmania chapter and guest speakers Mel Davies and Marita Holding to talk about cyber safe behaviour change.

Like other states and territories, the Tasmanian Government is focused on building cyber resilience amongst staff and volunteers so they can stay safer online, keep information safer and minimise disruption to services.

The challenge is to influence the practice of safer cyber behaviours across the large and…

diverse stakeholder groups within the Tasmanian State Service (over 35,000 people). Sounds simple right? Wrong!

Come along and meet the project and change manager involved and hear about their approach and insights to engage the biggest workforce in Tasmania to adopt safer cyber behaviours, regardless of where they are at in their digital journey.

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Remember the good ol’ days when we could lock ourselves in a room and create the perfect change plan? Me neither. In this session hosted by the Auckland chapter, with Jason Little we’re going to explore the 3 core practices of Lean Change that don’t require you to revolutionize how you approach change…unless of course that’s your goal.

We’ll explore how to move from a plan-driven to a feedback-driven approach and the 3 most popular Lean…

Change tools you can use no matter what change framework you’re using.

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