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Part of our virtual event program, these global member forums are a fantastic way to deep dive into new thinking together with your change community. Discover all about your member benefits today.

Global Trends

At the start of each year we review and share our insights and how they impact our professional practice.

Learning Circle

A quarterly discussion about critical topics in change management, where reading material is shared.

Global Voices

A quarterly webinar series of thought leaders who share their insights for the benefit of our members.

Heads of Change

Heads of Change brings together the best minds from around the world to review the latest change thinking.

ACM Masters Forum

Hear the wisdom and personal stories from our Accredited Change Managers (ACM) – Master level change practitioners.

Future Thinking

Our Future Thinking program explores future-oriented topics about what we might become as individual professionals, and what we might become as a Change Management profession. 

You can make connections with like-minded change professionals from anywhere in the world by joining our online member community groups excusively available via the Member Hub. Join now.

A space to discuss all things agile, from change practices to learnings, insights, challenges and successes, and tips and tricks.

Designed to share Digital Transformation experiences, ideas, thinking, and strategies and tools with like-minded peers.
A Member Forum for anybody interested in Human-Centred Change to share questions, ideas, experiences, challenges, and successes. 

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Linkedin Groups

In addition to our public Linkedin pages, if you are not yet a member, be sure to stay in touch via one of our local country Linkedin groups.

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