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Success and You – The Change Professional Competency Model

We are passionately committed to the creation, evolution and promotion of professional standards in change management.

As a result, we have developed Change Professional Competency Models.  These models guide organisations and change managers on what success looks like in a variety of change management roles.

Developed in consultation with employers and practitioners across the globe, the models identify clusters of behaviours related to success in a given role. This provides a strong focus on what change professionals can and would be expected to do in their roles.

  • Members can review the models to help build their skills and capabilities, or to prepare themselves for Change Management Institute Accreditation
  • Organisations can build change capability in their HR, Change Management and Programme Teams
  • Recruiters can ensure they are seeking the full breadth and depth of skills required for change management roles
  • Training and Education Providers can use the Models to assist with their course curriculum and learning modules

For guidance on what Change Managers must know to display these behavioural competencies effectively, please refer to our best-selling reference book ‘The Effective Change Manager‘, Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK).

Three competency models have been developed for change managers at different points in their career – Foundation, Specialist, Master. The skill topic areas are similar across the models, but the key difference is in the depth and breadth of experience expected at each level.

The Competency Models form the assessment standard for the three levels of Accreditation. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a Change Management Institute Accredited Change Professional refer to the Accreditation Handbook.

Members can log in via your Member Hub to access the full Competency Models. If you are not yet a Change Management Institute Member you can access a preview of the Competency Model below.

Find out more about our Competency Models in this short animation:

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