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Communicating change effectively, and with purpose, delves into the intricacies of purpose-driven communication within the realm of Change Management.
This initiative in people-led-digitalisation, focusing on integrating people-centred approaches in digital manufacturing, is set to be transformative, backed by a substantial budget of £5 million and spanning until February 2025.
Change Management Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Karla Micallef as our new President and Chair.
Change Management Institute has been awarded the highly regarded ‘Small Association of the Year™ 2023’ award by the Associations Forum.
Dive Deep into ‘The Change Mindset’ with Cyriel Kortleven 🌟 Change can often feel daunting, but what if we could shift our perspective? Cyriel Kortleven, this webinar captures this beautifully: “Don’t mind the change, change your mind.” True transformation sprouts from within.
📢 Unlock the Art of Networking Even When Small Talk Isn’t Your Forte 🤝 Are you apprehensive about networking? Does the thought of small talk make you break into a cold sweat? We have just the solution for you! 🌟

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A selection of our recent virtual event recordings

Human Centred Design - Andrew Butow Earth2Mars

CMBoK - An Introduction and Overview

Global Insights 2022 - Next Gen Change Management

Thinking and Communication Preferences - The Disc Model

A selection of our recent Podcast recordings

Insights from Accreditated Change Managers (ACM) - Masters

In this podcast series, Naomi Jones-Black interviews Accredited Change Manager (ACM) Masters about their insights and wisdom around the themes of: tools and technology; people and culture change; innovation and change capability and credibility, as well as uncovering perspectives from senior practitioners on the topic of change management.

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