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Explore the intricacies of how our perspective is formed, and how understanding change and perspective can greatly benefit change managers and anyone navigating the waters of change.
Climate change is more than an environmental issue; it’s a change management challenge …
Change Portfolio Management Training will elevate your expertise and expand your horizons ….
The need for short, sharp and impactful delivery methods for change is essential
A Good Change Leader makes a positive difference. We enable you to be your best self – see how …
Are you trying to break into change management? We interviewed two recruitment experts that specialise in change and came up with a ten-point action plan, just for you!

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A selection of our recent virtual event recordings

Human Centred Design - Andrew Butow Earth2Mars

CMBoK - An Introduction and Overview

Global Insights 2022 - Next Gen Change Management

Thinking and Communication Preferences - The Disc Model

A selection of our recent Podcast recordings

Insights from Accreditated Change Managers (ACM) - Masters

In this podcast series, Naomi Jones-Black interviews Accredited Change Manager (ACM) Masters about their insights and wisdom around the themes of: tools and technology; people and culture change; innovation and change capability and credibility, as well as uncovering perspectives from senior practitioners on the topic of change management.

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