Change Management for a Changing Climate

Climate change is more than an environmental issue; it’s a change management challenge

In a compelling workshop titled ‘Change Management for a Changing Climate,’ Sarah Bogle from KPMG NZ, delves into the critical role of change management in tackling climate change.  

Sarah underscores the urgency of the climate crisis, illustrating it with the real-world example of Wellington’s ‘Solace in the Wind’ sculpture, whose increasing exposure to rising sea levels serves as a stark warning.  

She highlights two pivotal aspects to consider:

  • physical risks like sea-level rise and storms, and
  • transition risks that come with shifting to a net-zero environment.  

Sarah emphasises the growing need for change managers in climate transition planning, urging professionals to adopt future-thinking and build carbon literacy.  

To grasp the full insights and actionable strategies from this workshop, read the full article and watch the accompanying video at

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Emily Rich

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