Unlock Success with Change Portfolio Management Training

Unlock Success with Change Portfolio Management Training – a Must for Change Managers

Change is the only constant, they say, and in today’s fast-paced business environment, mastering the art of change management is a skill that can set you apart as a professional. Whether you’re a seasoned Change Manager or just starting on your journey, the Change Management Institute offers an invaluable opportunity to elevate your expertise and expand your horizons through their revolutionary Change Portfolio Management Training Course.

We had the pleasure of speaking with two participants who recently completed the course: Peter Clouston and Dalinda Snyman. Their experiences shed light on the transformative power of the course and the Change Management Institute’s commitment to fostering growth and excellence in the field of Change Management.

Peter Clouston’s Perspective: Growing Organizational Maturity and Capabilities

“For me, the Change Portfolio Management Course was a highly valuable experience. It demonstrated how change management can help grow an organisation’s maturity and capabilities, by looking at its overall resources, opportunities, and constraints.” 

What truly stood out for Peter were the breakout sessions and small group discussions. “These sessions were a great way to share our real-life experiences which helped embed the learning.”  He further said “The group work and case studies worked so well, augmented with an excellent study guide and a highly attentive and experienced presenter.” 

Peter explains “The course helped me to understand how the Change Manager – in concert with project, programme and portfolio managers – can help develop a considered, measured approach to sequencing initiatives. The course also made clear how change management can develop organisational rigour by a data-driven focus towards benefits realisation. 

Moreover, “I would not hesitate to recommend this course to any professional working at any level in change or managing projects.”

Dalinda Snyman’s Viewpoint: Empowering Strategic Change Conversations

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For Dalinda, the course was insightful.  “The course provided me with insight and the much needed confidence to start having “strategic” change impact conversations with my Leadership team”

The course provided great benefits to Dalinda “The skill of being able to identify and manage the change impacts across your business portfolio, is the most valuable skill to have as Change Practitioner, the benefits are endless!”  

Dalinda’s recommendation for the course is unequivocal. ” If you want to learn how to understand and manage the change impacts in your organization better, I highly recommend this course!” 

If you’re ready to take your change management journey to the next level, enrol today for the upcoming Change Portfolio Management Training Course, taking place from 25-28 September 2023, hurry, places are limited.

Join change practitioners like Peter Clouston and Dalinda Snyman who have already experienced the course’s profound impact. Their testimonials echo the sentiment that the Change Portfolio Management Training Course is not just a course – it’s a gateway to unlocking your potential as a change management powerhouse.


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