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Change Portfolio Management (CPM) is a crucial approach for organisations to manage multiple change initiatives effectively.

By understanding and managing the cumulative impact of changes, organisations can improve their change fitness and achieve better outcomes. 

This insightful webinar is hosted by Naomi Jones Black with presenters Jenn Zuber, Bernice Maldonado, and Angela Neilson.  

They cover definitions, key concepts, and practical applications, emphasising the importance of managing change initiatives from a portfolio perspective to mitigate risks, optimise resources, and enhance organisational resilience. 

Jenn ZuberJenn gives a comprehensive overview of CPM, emphasising its importance in managing the growing complexity and pace of organisational changes. She introduces key concepts like change saturation and change collision, highlighting the need for a strategic approach to handle multiple simultaneous changes effectively. She explains that CPM, involves assessing the cumulative impact of various change initiatives to make informed strategic decisions on pace, scope, and communication. 


Angela shares her practical experience of implementing CPM in a fast-moving logistics business. She describes how aligning change management resources with the people receiving the change, rather than with specific programs, results in a more seamless change experience. This approach improves engagement, communication, and training across programs, ultimately making the organisation more change-fit. She highlights the importance of starting with what is available and building credibility and transparency to gain trust and facilitate smooth implementation. 


Bernice provides a perspective on helping organisations with different maturity levels in change management. She notes that organisations often face challenges in dedicating time and resources to CPM, especially when they lack a formal change management practice. She highlights the importance of leveraging existing data and tools, educating leaders on CPM benefits, and starting small with pilot projects to build momentum and support. 


The webinar also, emphasises the 

  • importance of making data-driven decisions and ensuring visibility of change impacts across the organisation 
  • need for consistency in data collection 
  • value of integrated change views for better planning and prioritisation 
  • role of CPM in enhancing overall change fitness and reducing change fatigue 

Overall, the session underscores the significance of CPM in managing complex change environments, providing practical strategies for organizations to improve their change management practices and achieve strategic objectives.  

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Change Portfolio Management (CPM) is a crucial approach for organisations to manage multiple change initiatives effectively.
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