Executive Partnering for Change Leadership

Guest speaker Huw Thomas emphases the critical role of executive sponsors in change management projects and the common challenges faced, such as absentee sponsors and poor communication.

He shares the following insights:

Understanding Organisational Dynamics

  • Commonalities across different sectors despite their unique cultures
  • Importance of understanding organisational behaviour and the need for leaders to adapt to changing circumstances

Building Change Leadership Capability

  • Change leadership should be a core competency for managers
  • Necessity of integrating change management into leadership development programs and the challenges in doing so, due to the lack of focus on change management in MBA programs

Management, Leadership, and Governance

  • Key areas categorised that executives need to master for effective change management: management (process and planning), leadership (influence and engagement), and governance (structure and risk management)
  • Many executives lack deep capability in these areas, often due to the broad range of responsibilities they juggle

Engaging Executives in Change

  • Strategies for building rapport and credibility with executives, such as understanding their business deeply and positioning oneself as an expert
  • Importance of empathy, both cognitive and emotional, in relating to executives’ challenges and aligning change initiatives with their business goals

Influence and Adaptability

  • Teaching leaders how to influence behaviour change at various levels and adapt to new circumstances
  • Practical tips on communicating effectively with different stakeholders, such as framing discussions in terms of return on investment for CFOs or employee engagement for Chief People Officers

Practical Advice for Change Managers

  • Build strong business acumen to gain credibility with executives
  • Use a blend of technical skills and interpersonal skills to influence stakeholders
  • Be adaptable and willing to work in various organisational contexts

Huw encourages Change Professionals to continually invest in their professional development and leverage available resources, such as workshops, mentoring and the Change Management Institute Member Hub.

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