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The Change Management Institute continues to be a widely recognised voice for change managers globally. With all the economic, social, environmental and technological changes, particularly just in the last few pandemic years, the operating context for Change Management has changed, and the Institute has matured and adapted accordingly.

In today’s fast-paced, disruptive and technological-driven world, change is inevitable, and the change manager of the future will need an exceedingly adaptive mindset and broad-based skill set to be highly effective.

With the release of our Global Insights 2022, we have closely reviewed our predictions made in 2019 (before Covid) and updated our current predictions to help define the next generation change manager.

Drawing on the last 17 years of research, our global network, member case studies and insights from our guest presenters, we are well-positioned to comment on the changes, consistencies, and new developments in change management.

With the release of the next edition of Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK), ‘The Effective Change Manager’, it is timely to share which elements of change management remain relevant, what is new and what has evolved with a slightly different lens.

We hope our findings will help support all change managers, whatever stage in their career, to be even more effective in our very exciting and ever-changing profession.

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