Change Mindset

Adjusting your perspective with a Change Mindset

Cyriel Kortleven joined us in a webinar and showed us how real transformation begins internally.  By adjusting our perspective, we can make the often-daunting process of change smoother and more palatable.

Cyriel is on a mission: boosting the creative & entrepreneurial mindset of professionals in change. He delivers keynotes all over the world and wrote the book ‘The Change Mindset’.

In our webinar he teaches us his ‘survival kit for professionals in change’ from his book:

  • HOW do you cope with the changes you see in the world around you?
  • Which PRACTICAL tools will help you stay flexible and open to possibilities?
  • How can YOU boost your creative and entrepreneurial mindset?
  • How to stimulate the mindset of the PEOPLE you work with?
  • Set your mind to change!

Cyriel’s 3 important words you need to know and understand


Suspending your judgement is the first ingredient to allow change.

  • Idea-killers are the main reasons why change is so hard to accomplish (expressions like ‘yes but…’, ‘we don’t have money’, ‘we already tried it’, management won’t agree, we don’t want to make mistakes).
  • What if we changed the ‘yes but’ to ‘yes and’ and we fixed a problem and started doing
  • Cyriel’s ‘3 minute rule’ tackles this – it’s fun and generates a lot of energy
  • If you really want to achieve your big dream, combine saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ – you have to choose carefully to do this one!


  • If you can flip your perspective from a problem to an opportunity, suddenly many ‘realities’ are possible. Several creative methods will help you to generate hundreds of ideas in a short amount of time.
  • Cyriel has some great creative prompts to aid in switching to ‘yes and’ plus how to see things differently


Your plan will always be different than reality.

  • BaNano-actions are very small steps that you take to see if you’re going in the right direction
  • Sometimes things go wrong, so Cyriel introduces the new word ‘the nearling’ which will help you to adapt a ‘fail fast, forward and often’ attitude to increase your success-rate

Members can watch the webinar  here to gain insights and valuable takeaways.

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Emily Rich

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