Change Mindset

Dive Deep into ‘The Change Mindset’ with Cyriel Kortleven 🌟
Change can often feel daunting, but what if we could shift our perspective? Cyriel Kortleven, this webinar captures this beautifully: “Don’t mind the change, change your mind.” True transformation sprouts from within.

How to Network when you hate small talk

📢 Unlock the Art of Networking Even When Small Talk Isn’t Your Forte 🤝
Are you apprehensive about networking? Does the thought of small talk make you break into a cold sweat? We have just the solution for you! 🌟

How to Get That Change Management Position

How to get that Change Management Position

Getting a change management position interview requires a blend of preparation, from mastering the basics to preparing for scenario-based and specialised change management questions

Understanding Change and Perspective

Explore the intricacies of how our perspective is formed, and how understanding change and perspective can greatly benefit change managers and anyone navigating the waters of change.