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Western Australia

The Change Management Institute West Australian chapter aims to inspire excellence and ensure you have the means to reach your career goals. Whether you are after new thinking, a mentor, or looking to have your practices independently assessed and endorsed – we are here to help you.

Our members are professionals from government agencies, corporations, not-for-profit groups and professional consultancies. Members may be at different stages of their professional careers, so we mutually support one another to meet common goals.

By joining you get to engage with us locally at events, build your networks and access the global thinking and white papers available exclusively to members. There are plenty of learning and development opportunities available for all learning styles too!

About us

In Western Australia we set themes each year to provide focus to our events and gatherings. This year we are focusing on people and change. We are looking at engagement, culture, change readiness and change acceptance, and which of these determine and affect the success and sustainability of change. If you have a story to tell or want to be part of this conversation you will be very welcome to come join us!

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Chapter events are designed to inspire and build your knowledge and skills through the sharing of local and international knowledge and best-practices. Events include thought provoking speakers, forums, online masterclasses and regular networking events. Find out more about our events here.

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