Country Leads

Our country leads have a diverse mix of change management experience.

Aus Country Co-Lead

Sreyoshi Uvesten

Sreyoshi has over 20 years change management experience developed through engagement on diverse initiatives ranging from large scale transformations to smaller, high-priority tactical initiatives.  

In addition to her work in Australia, Sreyoshi has international experience including in some of the worlds’ most dynamic regions and markets (US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East). 

Aus Country Co-Lead

Andrew Pearce

After 25 years in banking, consulting & project management, Andrew has been a practicing Change Manager for the last 15 years. Andrew enjoys working with Senior Leaders in an organization, to develop the benefits that change maturity development can deliver.
He also enjoys working with new Change Managers, developing skills in engagement & leadership.
Andrew is keen to see the change management profession flourish & expand, and sees CMI as a catalyst in making this happen.

Canada Country Co-Lead

Allegra MacDonald

Allegra is a highly resourceful client-focused relationship manager with more than 18 years of business experience. She has an extensive background in planning and implementing complex changes. 

Allegra is the head of change at Canada’s largest law firm and has built the first change management team in a Canadian law firm. She is also a Prosci certified change consultant, a Design Thinking facilitator and is a Certified Aware Leader in agile leadership.

Canada Country Co-Lead

Pauline Melnyk

Pauline uses personalized coaching elements to ensure that operational successes are centered around supporting the wellness of the individuals within organizational teams.

As a professional Certified Coach, Pauline works with individuals at all levels within an organization that aim to be their best version of themselves. 

Ireland Country Co-Lead

Bronwyn Hall-McLoughlin

Bronwyn has worked on 10+ business integrations leading both process and cultural integrations. Of particular interest are high growth, and/or SME businesses in tech. 

Bronwyn helps businesses on change management & adoption, business readiness & performance, digital transformation, as well as people & leadership practices. 

Ireland Country Co-Lead

Thérèse Walsh

Thérèse is a senior change management professional with over 25 years’ cross-industry experience leading teams and delivering successful transformations across Ireland, UK, and Europe.

Since setting up her own business in 2014, she has worked with companies across multiple sectors to help them develop their people to deliver significant business change.  

NZ Country Lead

Sue Morris

Sue is passionate about connecting change practitioners and building a change community that can share experiences and support professional development.

Specialising in stakeholder and engagement in the NZ government sector organisations, applying change management methodology to support organisational transition when undergoing structure and process changes.

UK Country Co-Lead

Barbara Collins

Barbara has over 20 years’ experience delivering change and transformation with senior leaders to understand the scale and impact of change and develop appropriate strategies to ensure successful adoption of the change. 

Barbara is Prosci certified and has a postgraduate in Strategic Leadership.

UK Country Co-Lead

Lyam Crosdale

Lyam is an accomplished change professional specialising in Change Management working with leaders and managers to find new ways to inspire and motivate, or working with individuals to unlock their strengths and seize their potential.

Throughout his work, he applies a human-centred approach to understand complex human dynamics and their influence on the overall workplace experience.

USA Country Lead

Melissa Sims

Melissa is the Regional Chief of Human Resources for the Northeast Region of the National Park Service.

She is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Systems Engineering.  Melissa also holds a Master of Science in Human Resources, as well as a Master of Business Administration and is currently pursuing her PhD in Communications.