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Recent Global Voices Events

Global Voices: Authentic Gravitas with Rebecca Newton

How to bring your best self to work and equip others to do the same.

Rebecca Newton PhD, is the author of the best selling book ‘Authentic Gravitas: Who Stands Out and Why’, and a regular contributor to the Financial Times, BBC Radio London and Wharton Business Radio, Forbes and the Harvard Business Review.

Rebecca will join us to share her practical wisdom and academic insight into what underpins authentic gravitas, how anyone can develop it, and the secrets to making a significant difference.

Visit the ‘Authentic Gravitas’ resource page.

Global Voices: The Disruption Mindset with Charlene Li

How to build and sustain a mindset and culture that thrives with disruption. Why do some companies transform and thrive, and others struggle?

The legendary ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky once said, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.” A disruptive transformation strategy requires that you turn your back on where the puck is today. (Li, 2019, p. 7)

Join us for our next Global Voices event with Charlene Li about the research and insights of her latest book “The Disruption Mindset” and what it takes to start a movement and lead organisations into the future.

Visit the ‘Disruption Mindset’ resource page

Global Voices: The secrets to sustainable personal and organisational change with Campbell MacPherson

This session covers the essential ingredients of successful change, with Campbell Macpherson, international business advisor, Executive Fellow of Henley Business School and author of ‘The Change Catalyst’, winner of the 2018 Business Book of the Year award.

How do you build leadership and resilience to embrace and deliver real change? And what does that look like in the current climate?

In this conversation we will explore the key ingredients and skills that characterise true change catalysts and how to build the resilience we all need to embrace and deliver real change.

Visit the ‘Secrets to sustainable personal and organisational change’ resource page.
Global Voices: Lift your coaching game and make the most of cultural differences and workplace diversity with Philippe Rosinski

Harvard Business School endorsed Author, Professor, Executive Coach, and Global Leadership Developer Philippe Rosinski asks ‘how do you leverage cultural differences and multiple perspectives in coaching, for greater creativity, impact, fulfilment?’

In this conversation we will explore how to coach employees, executives, and other professional stakeholders to move beyond potentially limiting norms, values, and beliefs and how individuals, teams and organisations can all grow by leveraging cultural differences.

Visit the ‘Lift your coaching game’ resource page.

Global Voices: Creating Joy in the Workplace with Richard Sheridan

In this conversation, entrepreneur, business leader and author Richard Sheridan shares a different approach to company culture and how anyone can build leadership capacity for joy within their own organisation. Richard is best known as the co-founder, CEO and “Chief Storyteller” of Menlo Innovations, a software and IT consulting firm in Michigan USA that has earned numerous awards and press coverage for its innovative and positive workplace culture.

Richard’s passion for creating joyful work environments led to his bestselling and widely celebrated book, Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love, and his latest book Chief Joy Officer offers sage, hard-won advice to any manager or leader who yearns to make more of an impact on the lives of others.

Visit the ‘Creating Joy in the Workplace’ resource page.

Global Voices: Engaging people with organisational change with Professor Julie Hodges

In her article “How to avoid restructures causing unnecessary anxiety and fear” Julie Hodges discusses some of the biggest and most fundamental mistakes organisations make in transformations.

In this conversation Julie Hodges leads a deep dive into her research on change and transformation in organisations. Julie also shares her practical views on how to effectively engage people with organisational change and avoid some of the most common traps.

Visit the ‘Engaging people with organisational change’ resource page.

Global Voices: Powered by Change with Jonathan MacDonald

“Powered by Change – How to design your business for perpetual success,” is an award winning book by Jonathan MacDonald. It presents a radical new methodology for using change as a fuelling mechanism to generate outstanding business success. This ‘Windmill Theory’ enables leaders and organisations to think and act in a way that capitalises on a constantly changing environment.

In this Global Voices conversation, Jonathan MacDonald talks about his book Powered by Change, a Sunday Times Bestseller and winner of the 2019 Business Book Award in the Embracing Change category sponsored by the Change Management Institute.

Visit the ‘Powered by Change’ resource page.

Global Voices: Creating Change Ready Organisations with Chris White

Chris White, Faculty Associate, Center for Positive Organizations, and Principal, Positivius and a global panel of change experts recently joined us to discuss research and insights into this important field.

Over time, our organisations often become blocked and good people stop caring as much about their work and each other. In this interactive discussion Chris and the panel explored how we can prepare our organisations to be responsive and energised in times of change and what it takes to create change ready cultures.

Visit the ‘Creating Change Ready Organisations’ resource page.
Global Voices: The Change Equation with Nick Petrie 

Each organisation is unique and has its own Change Equation – a change leadership approach that best fits its culture.

In this February 2019 session Nick Petrie shared insights from the extensive global research he has undertaken in the change leadership field.

As a result of countless case studies and consultations, Nick and his team have established that each organisation has its own Change Equation, defining a change leadership approach that best fits its unique culture.

Change Management Institute Members have exclusive access to Nick Petrie’s acclaimed White Paper on this subject, together with a copy of the webinar session recording and a synopsis of the discussion.

Visit The Change Equation resource page.

Fireside chat with Melanie Franklin and two guests on ‘Doing Agile Change’

What is Agile Change? What is the impact of Agile approaches on change? Haven’t good Change Managers always been agile? Are we losing the marketing war to our IT colleagues who accuse of us of taking too long to manage implementations and causing a backlog of changes?

A group of passionate senior change managers muse aloud on these questions and more to tease out useful insights to apply in our professional practice. An audio version of this episode is available to members.

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Fireside chat with Daryl Conner and three guests on Being a Trusted Advisor to Senior Leaders

Daryl Conner and three graduates of Raising Your Game course chat in an unscripted informal conversation on the topic of being a trusted advisor to senior leaders. A video version of this episode is available to members.

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