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Change is everywhere and an everyday part of life. At the Change Management Institute, we are a vehicle of change; we are the voice of change management and we are your voice in our profession. We help you excel and stay at the top of your game, constantly learning and adapting as the profession itself evolves.

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1st Change Management Association to develop standards in the Competency Models  to create Accreditation of those standards to create a Body of Knowledge reference book 


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Join the Canada chapter for this thought-provoking event focused on turning diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and accessibility (DEIBA) visions into actionable strategies. This event will feature a panel of experts who will share their personal journeys and strategies for driving meaningful change.

  • Gain valuable insights from Canadian women expert change managers and leaders on effective change management strategies for DEIBA programs.


  • Explore practical approaches to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging in your organization.


  • Learn from experienced professionals who have successfully implemented change initiatives and can provide actionable steps for driving change.


  • Connect with like-minded individuals, expand your professional network, and engage with members of the Change Management Institute.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event that will equip you with the inspiration to turn your DEIBA vision into action.


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Building change management competency in an organisation is crucial for businesses who need to constantly adapt, innovate and stay at the top of their game.

Regardless of the size of the business, change management capability can be the key to driving successful change.

This Change Learning Circle will explore:

  • Why is change management competency important?
  • How do you build change management competency?
  • What are the pitfalls and challenges to building a change management culture?
  • What can we do as change managers and leaders to grow change management competency and capability?

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In celebration of the release of the 2nd edition of the Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK™), we are hosting a monthly event series for members to discuss each chapter and bring it to life with practical examples and tips and tricks.

In this session hosted by the Queensland chapter we will venture into Chapter 9.

When managing change in an initiative or project, you will inevitably develop and facilitate learning plans designed to equip end users with the necessary skills, knowledge and capability to action the change and operate in the new world.

As change professionals, how do we best approach learning and capability planning to achieve great results for our learners and the business? What activities best suit effective and efficient learning? What mistakes do some change practitioners make when planning and executing the training plan?

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Exciting News

Change Portfolio Management Foundation Training Course

Our new transformational Change Portfolio Management (CPM) training course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to apply CPM principles and techniques to drive successful change execution.

The course will introduce you to foundational concepts of CPM through discussions, interviews with experts, self-reflection, and group activities.

The training is delivered over 4 consecutive half-days.

Find out more

21 - 24 August 2023

25 - 28 September 2023

Webinar discussing the benefits of managing change initiatives from a portfolio perspective, how to identify cumulative impacts and potential collisions, and how to proactively manage risk.


This is such a great topic, some great questions, and mini lightbulbs going off in my brain – really enjoyed it!

— Webinar participant


Explore the intricacies of how our perspective is formed, and how understanding change and perspective can greatly benefit change managers and anyone navigating the waters of change.
Climate change is more than an environmental issue; it’s a change management challenge …
Change Portfolio Management Training will elevate your expertise and expand your horizons ….
The need for short, sharp and impactful delivery methods for change is essential
A Good Change Leader makes a positive difference. We enable you to be your best self – see how …
Are you trying to break into change management? We interviewed two recruitment experts that specialise in change and came up with a ten-point action plan, just for you!
The events of the past few years make it seem quick and sudden, yet so many forces have been conspiring, shifting our ways of work forward and into the next generation of what many of us are seeking as meaningful work.
The Change Management Institute Member Hub App is your place to go for all things change. Enabling your future has never been easier – it’s in the palm of your hand!
APMG conducted a survey of learners who had taken a Change Management Foundation exam. 98% of respondents said the training made them a better Change Manager
The new Member Hub by the Change Management Institute, is a key pillar of their future-thinking strategy to provide an even better and more personalised member experience.
It’s no secret that highly engaged employees improve company performance, but they can also make your transition to change quicker and more effective.
The Change Management Institute continues to be a widely recognised voice for change managers globally.
Once country borders relax and you can fly to your favourite holiday destination, imagine how you…
In any change initiative, you will have engaged with people who are naturally enthusiastic and ready…


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